Article 3. The purposes of the Association are:

(a) To promote and disseminate studies about labour economics--that is, studies about the economic analysis of labour markets and about employment policies in general--and, where appropriate, to train and perfect experts on this subject.

(b) To promote professional contacts and exchanges, comparing articles and research about the subject among different persons and institutions, national as well as international, that are interested in the same.


Article 4. To achieve these purposes, the following activities will be done:

(a) Organization, when necessary in collaboration with other organizations or entities, of conferences or meetings and other scientific activities related to the labour market or labour economics. 

(b) Creation of publications related to the subject and maintenance or promotion of the creation of libraries that specialise in this subject.

(c) Awarding of prizes or bonuses, always within the realm of the labour market or labour economics.

(d) Any other activity related to the specific topic of the labour market.



The complete text of the statutes (in Spanish) can be downloaded by clicking HERE.


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